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In 2019 Ordinary Lifestyles reached the milestone of 25 years and celebrated in style with a Silver Summer Celebration held at Bowdon Rugby Club on 9th July 2019.  The event was a resounding success and was attended by 114 people in total. Attendees were made up of 24 individuals supported by Ordinary Lifestyles, 46 current employees, 14 family members of the people we support and 30 others including staff family members, friends who attend various groups and other professionals whose work has supported the development of Ordinary Lifestyles.

Clare Dalton, who sadly passed away in 2017, played a crucial role in the setting up of Ordinary Lifestyles, together with other parents who had adult sons and daughters with disabilities.

25 years ago, if people with disabilities wanted to live in their own homes, there were few options available other than council-run residential services. Clare and her husband Frank had cared for their son Keith all his life at home. They wanted him to have his own home, in Harpurhey, where he had always lived and where people knew him.

Clare fought tirelessly for the future she knew was possible for Keith. She was practical and good humoured, and always appreciated the role of paid Support Workers and professionals who shared her aims. She had a strong sense of fairness, and worked to achieve the rights of all people with learning disabilities, not just her own son.

In recognition of Clare’s tenacity and determination we thought it fitting that the organisation’s Awards for Excellence - which acknowledge outstanding pieces of work/good practice related to our core values of Respect, Inclusion, Independence, Choice and Control, Health and Wellbeing and Enjoyment and Fun – were named the ‘CLARE Awards’.

Nominations were put forward for individuals, staff, teams and families who had excelled in a particular area of work which demonstrated our commitment to our values.  A select committee then decided on the winner of each value; all winners were then up for the Champion of Champion CLARE award whereby attendees voted, by way of marble, for who they thought was the most deserving nominee.  

The CLARE awards were presented by Clare’s granddaughter Sophie, and were witnessed by other family members, and were very well received.  The full list of nominations and winners can be found via the links below….  

In addition to the CLARE awards a number of individuals supported by Ordinary Lifestyles gave speeches providing information as to how long they have been supported and what they liked about the organisation and how they are supported.

A fond farewell was given to Megan Moore who is leaving the organisation to start a new life in Cornwall with a new baby!

Other than the speeches and CLARE awards the evening involved lots of food, fun and dancing!!

Here’s to another 25 years!!

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