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Since being with Ordinary Lifestyles we do a lot more and its better; there is no down side.  We go to clubs, garden centres and the cinema and mix with more friends.  We go on a lot more holidays and have recently been to Brickhouses (Blackpool).  We like our staff.

Peter, Colin and Barbara

I live in a flat in South Manchester and I have support from a live in support worker who has been supporting me since 2009.  I also have two other support workers who work with me when my live in carer has her time off.

I enjoy going to the Transport Museum, socialising with people at different groups and also doing things on my own with my support worker like visiting Meadow Hall in Sheffield on the train.  I have enjoyed a holiday to Blackpool where I saw the illuminations and the fireworks.  I enjoy Ordinary Lifestyles’ Christmas parties and really enjoyed some training we did on Equality and Diversity.


My name is Clare and I am 40 years old. I live in my own flat with my own team of support workers from Ordinary Lifestyles who provide 24 hour support.  I have been supported by Ordinary Lifestyles for almost 18 years.

I go to many activities including the Phab disco and the Banky Lane disco, Mr Bakers Tuesday Club and the Food for Thought cooking class.  I also like to go out for meals, have massages and visiting my family and friends.  

I volunteer in the office at Ordinary Lifestyles each week and have done for a few years.  My duties include collecting the post, shredding, answering the phone and I sometimes help out with the Fun Factor.

I enjoy going on holidays and have recently been to Brickhouse Cottages in Blackpool with friends to celebrate my birthday and also to Roa Island in Cumbria for a summer break as part of a group holiday.

My staff are nice and support me to do everything I choose to do as well as supporting me with shopping, housework and personal care. I get involved in choosing my own members of staff too when required.


I love visiting my friends, family and Ordinary Lifestyles Managers and sending them text messages and having a little chat with them on the phone. I love going out meeting people in all kinds of social situations and especially love regular short break holidays. I love lots of attention and I dislike being ignored. I really look forward to welcoming visitors into my home and do this with a very big smile like the smile on the attached photo. I enjoy doing things for myself with little reminders. I expect my Support Team to be organised and very familiar with my wants and needs and I like to know who is coming on shift in advance.  

I enjoy sensory stimulation from paper when I choose. I also love watching Gus and other musician friends on You Tube. I request my favourite activities, food, drink etc.  I love fruit and can eat more in one sitting than any of my friends!! I love a cake after meals.   I do not like being shouted at. I’m an excellent tidy upper!

Lee (aka Cheeky Monkey)

My name is John.  I live in my own flat and have been supported by a team of support workers from Ordinary Lifestyles for almost 18 years.  The support workers provide 24 hours support to me.

The staff are really nice and support me to do everything I want to do including shopping, activities, trips, housework….everything – within reason!  I have my own mobility vehicle so I can access lots of places and my support workers drive my vehicle when I wish to go out.

I like to have my own space and my own say (I make all of my own choices), and my support workers respect this.  I enjoy sleeping, waking up, playing computer games, watching DVD’s, going to concerts and watching Tipping Point and The Chase and programmes like that.  I also like painting and art and the colouring of my artwork was the inspiration to Ordinary Lifestyles’ new logo.  I was also heavily involved in the design of the leaflet.  I love to go on holiday; my holidays are bazzing J (great!)!

I am very happy and the support workers and management of Ordinary Lifestyles are spiffing!


Ordinary Lifestyles currently supports around 30 individuals….here are some of their stories….