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We encourage individuals we support to get involved in training as appropriate, either by attending as learners, or by contributing.

Our training programme at Ordinary Lifestyles aims to give staff opportunities to continually develop their professional knowledge. We believe in Lifelong Learning, enabling us all to build on our skills and understanding, with the resulting benefits for the quality of our service to the people we support. Alongside formal training, we support staff through professional discussion at regular Job Consultations, Team Meetings and Appraisals. Learning is recorded in each member of staff’s personal Training and Development Portfolio.

We deliver comprehensive Induction Training for new staff, including the 15 standards of the Care Certificate. Existing staff are encouraged to complete the Diploma in Health and Social Care level 3. Regular refresher training is provided in Health and Safety, Safeguarding, Manual Handling and First Aid, in accordance with contractual requirements.

In addition to the above, a wide variety of training events are offered, reflecting staff requests, identified service needs, or to help us understand more about the specific support needs of the individuals we work with. In recent times, these have included:

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